Our executive director is a lawyer licensed in 5 states. We are a non-profit corporation committed to assisting consumers who have had the unfortunate experience of becoming over-extended in consumer debt.

In addition to our debt consolidation program, we also provide you with educational information. Our credit counseling site is designed to assist you in taking charge of your credit.

Our mission statement is to provide individual, group, and community educational services and programs on money management, budgeting, housing, and the prudent and intelligent use of credit, confidential and professional financial counseling, to provide a debt repayment service which is beneficial to the person or family served and fair to creditors in a program characterized by fiscal integrity and responsibility.

We are dedicated to this mission statement.

We pride ourselves on providing prompt and personal attention to each and every one of our clients through our trained credit counselors and customer service staff.

Everything in life worthwhile takes hard work and sacrifice. To be successful, distinguish between “wants” and “needs”.

Eliminate all but the most important “wants” from your budget. If you do not include any “wants” you are more likely to stray from the budget, fail and give up. Be realistic and set goals.

Debt consolidation plans can be very effective in eliminating the stress that is caused by creditors and assist in establishing a consistent payment pattern which may help the consumer at risk of being sued by his creditors.

Credit Counselors are often trained to advise debtors of their rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act.

After assisting you with your budget, they send proposals to your creditors to request that your creditors accept the new, more favorable, repayment terms.

Gnerally speaking, the credit counseling agency calculates your monthly payment based on predetermined criteria required by the creditors. The creditors accept the proposal and give better repayment benefits only if the proposed payment meet their criteria.

When you are enrolled in a counseling plan, your payments are sent to the counseling agency, who then distributes the payments to the creditors so that they may be applied at the more favorable rates.

You are responsible to get payments to the counseling agency on time and although late payments will usually still be applied, your account may not be brought back to a current status.