Why You Need To Consider Becoming A Surrey Chartered Professional Accountant

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A Surrey Chartered Professional Accountant is the professional description coined to replace the name given to those who have been granted by the three former accounting bodies of Canada:

Progress towards the full adoption of this designation was substantially completed as of September 2015. This designation is borrowed from a related but discontinued Australian merger that was attempted back in 1998. While different professional accounting bodies all over the world are presently extending their reach through different globalization activities, Canada’s accounting profession seems to be slightly different.

Nonetheless, these three bodies have reached an agreement to work towards creating a merger that will see the formation of a new organization that has over 125,000 professional members and over 20,000 candidates and registered accounting students. The guiding principles of the agreement are as follows:

  • A Sustained use of the already existing designations
  • Evolution to one designation over a ten-year transition
  • Retention but no amendment of already existing rights
  • A unified certification process for all new members
  • Branding of the designation with de-emphasis of all legacy designations
  • Implementation of post-certification forte programs
  • Merged governance and operations
  • Common regulations, code of conduct and public accountancy practices

Becoming a Surrey CPA or Chartered Professional Accountant comes with plenty of benefits and offers you a ticket to a world of great opportunities in finance and accounting. Canadian CPAs are in great demand because of their strategic thinking, financial expertise, management skills and business insight. This is one designation that will broaden your prospects, advance your knowledge and boost your reputation, and here is why?

1. You advance your career and secure job security

Most organizations today require that their employees have a designation, and a professional one, to their names. Becoming a Canadian CPA gives you the competitive edge you need to get into a fulfilling and prosperous career.

2. A better earning potential

Canadian CPAs can easily command a very competitive salary considering that they bring in invaluable skill sets that are set to benefit the organization they go to work for.

3. Greater opportunities

Canadian Chartered Professional Accountants are members of a rather powerful network of professionals. This designation is one that is internationally recognized and respected – meaning that you can easily take your skillset to any organization, in any sector, anywhere you want in this world.

4. Improved knowledge and skills

The Canadian CPA certification program is one that is challenging and offers a very rigorous financial training program that meets all required government, public and industry practices. CPA students are taught how to manage the pace and pressures of the global economy by getting imparted with a deep knowledge of financial data, how it can be employed to deliver results and the impact it can have on organizational performance.

5. Improved responsibility

A Chartered Professional Accountant designation proves your commitment to maintaining high professional standards and to excellence. People who employ you are assured that you are a person who is qualified and well capable to handle any challenge thrown your way.

If you are considering venturing into the world of financial management, then it is advisable that you think of becoming a Surrey Chartered Accountant for a better shot of landing in a career that is highly rewarding.